Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hub Ahikā's Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry

Hub Ahikā is proud to present to you...Athletics!

This movie is about a boy who is feeling nervous about Athletics Day and doesn't expect to do any good. His hub mates encourage him to have a go and try his best and show him how much fun he can have.

We hope you enjoy our film!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Planet Panda by Aurelia

Planet Panda

Once there was a submarine on planet panda It was at the bottom of the ocean. So scuba pandas raced to the surface and off to shore. When they got to shore they saw aliens cutting down all of their bamboo their ,habitat and food source! They started to die. And were becoming endangered and captured and put in cosmic zoos. Their only wish was to be free again even for only one day. They were forced to do tricks and there was only fourteen aliens on the petition to save them because they were so cute. The panda face on the front of the planet was fading into an earth looking planet. Mayor Griffin was starting up a satellite that would make his face on the front of the planet. Luckily it was twelve months away from launch. Sixty days later the petition had fourty hundred & seventy two which is roughly twelve thousand & sixty nine aliens away from stopping cruelty and the satellite. But they only had ten months to get one thousand & seven hundred & fourty one aliens and they were still twelve thousand & sixty nine aliens away. Three months later they finally did it with five months to spare Griffin was very surprised. But a deal is a deal so he said no more to everyone and stopped the satellite and left the planet for ever and the pandas were safe again.

Volleyball By Flynn

Volleyball By Divesh

Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 10.08.59 AM.png                                         
I Need to work on serving
I need to work on spiking
I need to work on digging
I need to work on the two servers
The serves i need to work on  n#
  • Overarem
  • Underarm

I need to work on tensing my arm
I need to work on hitting it hard

I did do good with my stance
I did do good with looking at the ball q
I did do good with Hitting it over the net
I did do good with keeping my legs away from each other so i can hit it easy and i don't have any trouble
I did good with staying behind the line
I did good with throwing the ball to just where i want it

Volleyball by Brayden

The kiwisports that I have been doing was volleyball. In volleyball I learnt how to dig, set, serve, spike and much more. Volleyball is fun I really like it when I learn new stuff because when I play volleyball I would be able to use it on other people. When I play volleyball  it's kinda hard to get the ball over the net if your team doesn't concentrate because then it is just you playing. by Brayden

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Writing by Ethan

Hi my name is Ethan i am 10  years old at the moment.I go to stone fields school.My eyes are as brown as chocolate my skin colour is as dark as a dark tree trunk.My hair is as black as night and i have a earing just like my favourite soccer player!

I like playing video games and my favourite video game is FIFA! it is the best game ever! my favourite movie is the ronaldo movie it is a soccer movie.I am CRAZY about soccer it is my favourite sport.
I am fast and I like to play sports.I have a ps4 and a wii u.I love fiji's beaches it is just amazing.

My friends are Euan,Jayden,Harry,Thajay,Hussam,Danny,Sukhpreet,Dh
evan,Loeki and Oliver,Jamie,Yahya and Nicolas We are good friends because we have similar personalities

my favourite foods are lamb chops,fish and chips,fish burger and chicken and rice.
My favourite car is a mum has the x1 it has purple lights and inside the car it has orange lights. My dad has a audi rs5 it looks really cool it is as fast as a cheetah.1 day i am going to be a famous soccer player and then I will have a lamborghini.

Maker space by Lily H

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 9.58.41 AM.png
How To Make A Buzz Wire Circuit By Lily H
In my C.R.T I have been making buzz wire circuits and buzz wire toys so I would like to share my learning.

What you need:
Positive wire (red)
Negative wire (black)

Step one:Get your  buzzer and place it on a flat surface like a table.

Step two:Connect the red wire with the red wire on the buzzer. The positive wire is red.

Step three:Connect the black wire on the black wire on the buzzer.The black wire is negative.

Step four:Then get the battery and put the wires together.Remember to keep the other wires together.
Step five: connect the battery to the wires.

Step six: If it does not make a noise turn the battery over.

Step seven: If it still does not make a noise make sure that the wires are connected.

You have completed your buzz wire circuit.Thank you for reading my writing.

By Lily H