Friday, 16 June 2017

The Pigs Framed the Wolf by Craig

The Three Pigs Framed The Wolf!

Have you read the three little pigs well you haven't read the true story. Those pink porks framed me. I never blow their house down. They are the worst liars ever.

When i was walking down the beautiful beach I saw those little pigs break there ugly house with a giant fan and they blamed it on me they are so cruel! When i was walking down the path for their house and they broke another one of their houses they broke two of their own houses one was straw and one was hay. So then they left out a cake and they filled it with straw and hay so when I ate the cake it would look like I blew their house down. So I ate the cake and I had hay and straw all over my lips. It was so  annoying.
I heard the pigs at night because i am a next door neighbour so i heard them talking about me the wolf must go to jail. The next day they called the police and said you have the right to remain silent and i said what did i do they said you broke my house and i said no i didn't. They said than what is that on your lips and i said they made a cake with hay and straw in it and i ate it. They didn't believe me so they put me in handcuffs and i had to go to jail for 5 months. 

Luckily i will come back and sue the pigs for framing me and i will say the guy down the street killed them. So i am in jail and i will get them back and put them in jail for the whole eternity. They will never have to see me again.

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