Friday, 16 June 2017

Three Little Pig Story by Danny

Why the Wolf is Innocent
One afternoon I was home baking a cake for my granny when I realised I needed some more sugar. In this situation I would visit my neighbours to see if the have any spare. Of course I went to visit the three little pigs because they lived nearby. As I strolled along I started to feel as sick as a parrot. I was sneezing a coughing everywhere.  

I strolled to the first house. This house was made out of straw. It didn't look that strong.Firstly I knocked on the door of the first little pig. He looked through the keyhole to see who was there. He answered in a  in polite voice saying "what do you want." I feel my request for sugar was very reasonable. I had a cold and I felt a sneeze coming. I sneezed and the house collapsed. I felt cruel. It made me feel like a tornado clearing out a city. the poor little pig was stuck at the bottom of this disaster. Since it was lying there as dead as a cow I decided to eat it. It made me feel better but I was still sick. Don't you think this house was a bit pathetic?

The next house wasn't much better. I knocked on the door standing there unhappily waiting for an answer. Finally an answer! He answered saying what on earth  do you want! "Some sugar." "Can I please have some?" He shouted at me saying "Go away!" I felt another sneeze coming. Once again the house fell down and crushed him. This pig was also lying there peacefully. Since this pig also got crushed I ate this one as well.

I strolled along the path towards the third house. This house was much better it was made out of bricks. I was ready to get sugar when I knocked on the door but there's no answer. A few seconds later this pig replied and told me to "Get out of my property!" I felt disrespected so I walked back home but before I left another sneeze came. The greedy pig shouted some mean things about my granny. Normally I'm a calm man but when someone talks about my granny in a bad way I get angry. The inside of me felt like a volcano about to erupt. Then I tried to blow the house down because he was saying mean things. The cops came and arrested me. When I got released I was on the hunt for more sugar again.

These are my reasons why I am innocent. I didn't purposely blow their house down, I had a bad cold. If you sneezed the house would probably fall down because it was made out of straw don't you think? The only reason why I tried to blow the third house down because the pig inside was saying some nasty things about my granny. I ate the pig because it was lying there dead. It would have been a waste of food. Don't you think these reasons are good enough? This is why i'm innocent!


  1. Hi Danny, I loved your persuasion/explanation/narrative writing! Your writing explained, A LOT. After reading your writing I changed my mind and had reason to believe that The Wolf is Innocent.
    Some of the best parts was your 3rd paragraph it used a good amount of punctuation and put me in a good perspective of the Wolf. Although Danny you used Punctuation I think you should Proofread more because I could see that some full stops were a bit out of place.
    But I also remember doing this task and I wouldn’t step out of the Little pigs community. So that’s an extra, WELL DONE!
    I found that the story is a really nice and clean story which made it more interesting and made me more eager to read it.
    Overall I found your story was with no doubt, AMAZING! But next time how about go on the 3 pigs side and explain how they are innocent?
    Thanks, Jahvan! :)

  2. Danny your story was very imaginative but maybe next time you could make it less violent because You eating pigs that have just been killed is not very nice by Flynn.