Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hub Ahikā's Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry

Hub Ahikā is proud to present to you...Athletics!

This movie is about a boy who is feeling nervous about Athletics Day and doesn't expect to do any good. His hub mates encourage him to have a go and try his best and show him how much fun he can have.

We hope you enjoy our film!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Planet Panda by Aurelia

Planet Panda

Once there was a submarine on planet panda It was at the bottom of the ocean. So scuba pandas raced to the surface and off to shore. When they got to shore they saw aliens cutting down all of their bamboo their ,habitat and food source! They started to die. And were becoming endangered and captured and put in cosmic zoos. Their only wish was to be free again even for only one day. They were forced to do tricks and there was only fourteen aliens on the petition to save them because they were so cute. The panda face on the front of the planet was fading into an earth looking planet. Mayor Griffin was starting up a satellite that would make his face on the front of the planet. Luckily it was twelve months away from launch. Sixty days later the petition had fourty hundred & seventy two which is roughly twelve thousand & sixty nine aliens away from stopping cruelty and the satellite. But they only had ten months to get one thousand & seven hundred & fourty one aliens and they were still twelve thousand & sixty nine aliens away. Three months later they finally did it with five months to spare Griffin was very surprised. But a deal is a deal so he said no more to everyone and stopped the satellite and left the planet for ever and the pandas were safe again.

Volleyball By Flynn

Volleyball By Divesh

Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 10.08.59 AM.png                                         
I Need to work on serving
I need to work on spiking
I need to work on digging
I need to work on the two servers
The serves i need to work on  n#
  • Overarem
  • Underarm

I need to work on tensing my arm
I need to work on hitting it hard

I did do good with my stance
I did do good with looking at the ball q
I did do good with Hitting it over the net
I did do good with keeping my legs away from each other so i can hit it easy and i don't have any trouble
I did good with staying behind the line
I did good with throwing the ball to just where i want it

Volleyball by Brayden

The kiwisports that I have been doing was volleyball. In volleyball I learnt how to dig, set, serve, spike and much more. Volleyball is fun I really like it when I learn new stuff because when I play volleyball I would be able to use it on other people. When I play volleyball  it's kinda hard to get the ball over the net if your team doesn't concentrate because then it is just you playing. by Brayden

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Writing by Ethan

Hi my name is Ethan i am 10  years old at the moment.I go to stone fields school.My eyes are as brown as chocolate my skin colour is as dark as a dark tree trunk.My hair is as black as night and i have a earing just like my favourite soccer player!

I like playing video games and my favourite video game is FIFA! it is the best game ever! my favourite movie is the ronaldo movie it is a soccer movie.I am CRAZY about soccer it is my favourite sport.
I am fast and I like to play sports.I have a ps4 and a wii u.I love fiji's beaches it is just amazing.

My friends are Euan,Jayden,Harry,Thajay,Hussam,Danny,Sukhpreet,Dh
evan,Loeki and Oliver,Jamie,Yahya and Nicolas We are good friends because we have similar personalities

my favourite foods are lamb chops,fish and chips,fish burger and chicken and rice.
My favourite car is a mum has the x1 it has purple lights and inside the car it has orange lights. My dad has a audi rs5 it looks really cool it is as fast as a cheetah.1 day i am going to be a famous soccer player and then I will have a lamborghini.

Maker space by Lily H

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 9.58.41 AM.png
How To Make A Buzz Wire Circuit By Lily H
In my C.R.T I have been making buzz wire circuits and buzz wire toys so I would like to share my learning.

What you need:
Positive wire (red)
Negative wire (black)

Step one:Get your  buzzer and place it on a flat surface like a table.

Step two:Connect the red wire with the red wire on the buzzer. The positive wire is red.

Step three:Connect the black wire on the black wire on the buzzer.The black wire is negative.

Step four:Then get the battery and put the wires together.Remember to keep the other wires together.
Step five: connect the battery to the wires.

Step six: If it does not make a noise turn the battery over.

Step seven: If it still does not make a noise make sure that the wires are connected.

You have completed your buzz wire circuit.Thank you for reading my writing.

By Lily H

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Maker Space By Michayla

Maker Space

In CRT I have been doing something called maker space. It is really fun because we got to make circuits and use buzzers, batteries and other cool things. I wasn't there to do this but my group got to use a saw to cut wood. The wood we are usings to make a brainbox. My groups theme is underwater and I am really happy with it. We are going to paint turtles, dolphins and jellyfish. On the different animals we are going to put different things like the jellyfish is going to have the buzzer glued on top. Also the turtle is going to have a battery on top of it. When it is done we would have made a brainbox and we also made the circuit for it so yay!

Times tables By Kaelan

This is how you make a word problem into a number equation
Sally has 27 packs of soda. Each pack holds 6 cans of soda. How much soda cans does Sally have?
  1. Take the numbers out
  2. 27 and 6
  3. 27 x 6 because sally has bought 27 packs of soda and there is 6 cans in each so it is 27 x 6

This is how you solve it

1. 27 x 6
2.+3 = 30
3. 3 x 6 =18
4.18 x 10 = 180
5.3 x 7 =21
6.180 - 21 =162

Should kids rule the world BY COOPER

Firstly, Imagine being a kid and having to do homework and chores I know you would feel pretty bad you know that feeling. People say that kids are not responsible enough to be in charge of things like work and in general being in charge but kids sometimes have good ideas for thing like huts, games and property inspections which kind of means they know what people actually don't want in shops and houses. So they can help people live in the world. Caring on Kids also know what parents would do and they know what they would want which is the opposite so they will help. Also with elections if a generous kid is prime minister or president they will help others on the streets and make sure they have a great life .Also kids need some space sometime and just to have a turn being in charge I am sure they will just love it so they won't be the ones actually doing most of the work in the house just because of the age of the parents. The people who help them live  could give them lessons to not be to funny when it is the wrong time and when to not put pressure on the elders. This is why I think kids should rule the world.

Secondly, kids could  make buildings that would make other kids happy. You could make a amusement park  for other kids to enjoy. You would be pretty generous and would help anyone who would need help. Kids have pretty good ideas and could make something for kids and adults to share. Adults would also be generous to you because you are a kid. Another reason is that you can get adults to do stuff for you, wouldn't that be generous. Kids would also know about what people would like in shops and houses.


My Breakthrough: Music By Eden

Hi! My name is Eden and I go to Stonefields School. Stonefields School is  very special school, because you can do really fun stuff like sewing, making cards, baking, and even construction. We change types of breakthrough every term, and this term, my breakthrough is music. We aren't just doing music for getting some new knowledge about them, but we are also preparing some music for the School Show this term. We have to choose the types of music and sound effects for the three different environments: supermarket, campground, and school. My group is Maya, Lily H, April, Yoyo, Isla, Irene, and Eugene K and our group belongs to Miss Campbell.  So far we have chosen all the sound effects, and now we have to play some instruments and record it and put it on the speakers. Our team's next goal is to finish recording all the other instruments, and also editing our recordings and practicing them with our instruments. Thanks for reading my post! Bye!
Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 10.06.18 AM.png

Volleyball by Craig

Volleyball Reflection
Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 10.09.09 AM.png
I need to work on my…
  • Strength
  • Aim
  • Spikeing

I think i need to work on my aiming and my spike serving because i can get the aim but i can't get it over the net. I think i need to work on my power because when i get it over i usually hit it to hard. My spiking when i get it over the net i usually hit it too hard and then it goes too far and it goes out then it is a point to the other team.

I did well on my…

  • Straight arm
  • Digging
  • Looking at ball
  • Stance
  • Space

What i did well was my stance and me keeping my had strong and straight so the ball will go straight and far. I did well with my digging serve because my stance was well. Looking at the ball while i was hitting it that's how it helps the aim of the hit. Myspace was good because i was watching out what was happening and where it was happening. My digging was good because it was going straight and over the net i just hit it to hard. My straight arm was good because i was tensing it and it was aiming over the net and it could go straight.

The wolfs side by Dylan H


Everybody knows the story of the Three Little Pigs. Or at least they think they do But i can tell you a little secret. No One knows the real story because nobody has ever heard my side of the story. I'm Alexander T. Wolf. and that is the real author I think I don't know how this whole Big Bad Wolf thing got started, but it's all wrong. Hey it's not my fault wolves eat cute little animals like bunnies and other things. That's just the way we are. If pizza were cute we would probably think humans are Big and Bad too.But the whole big bad wolf thing is all wrong. The real story is about a sneeze and a cup of sugar.

I think the wolf innocent because he just wanted to get a cup of sugar for his cake that was for his old granny and he had no sugar so he went to the three little pigs to get some sugar, he went there and then he said little pig little pig________________Then the wolf said are you here little pig and then he felt a sneeze coming and then he sneezed and his house blew down so it was not his fault it was his sneeze and then he went to the second little pig and the same thing happened and the third little pig something happened differently then he sneezed once more and the house did not blow down and it did not hurt the pig and the pig gave him no sugar so he went home and then he did not make her grandma a cake he made her a card instead of a cake.

"Huff and puff and blow your house down"
And they made me the Big Bad Wolf. That's it The real story. I was framed. "

The Wolf: villain or victim?                                                 The Three Pigs: innocent or at fault?

Once Upon a Time time, I was making a birthday cake for my dear old granny. I had a terrible sneezing cold. I ran out of sugar. So I walked down the road to ask my neighbor for a cup of sugar. Now this neighbor was a pig. He had built his whole house out of straw. Can you believe who would build a house out a straw it is just weird. So I knocked on the door, it fell right inside the house. I didn't want to just walk into someone else's house because that would just be rood. So I called, Little Pig are you in.he heard nothing. he was just about to go home with nothing but just a cup of nothing for his old grannys birthday cake.
That's when my nose started to itch. I felt a sneeze coming on. Well I huffed. And I snuffed. And I blew a big sneeze and the little pig's house fell down The whole darn straw house fell down. And right in the middle of the pile of straw was the First Little Pig - dead as a doornail. He had been home the whole time. It seemed like a shame to leave a perfectly good ham dinner lying there in the straw. So I ate it up. Think of it as a cheeseburger just lying there. I was feeling a little better. But I still didn't have my cup of sugar . So I went to the next neighbor's house. This neighbor was the First Little Pig's brother. He was a bit smarter, but not a lot smarter. He has built his house of wood and sticks. I rang the bell on the stick house. Nobody answered. I called,  Pig,  Pig, are you in?" He yelled back.Go away wolf. You can't come in. I'm shaving the hairs on my chinny chin chin."
I had just grabbed the doorknob when I felt another sneeze coming on. I huffed. And I snuffed. And I tried to cover my mouth, but I sneezed a great sneeze.
And you are not going to believe this, but the second little pig's house fell down house fell down just like his brother's. there was the Second Little Pig - dead as a doornail again. Wolf's honor. Now you know food will spoil if you just leave it out in the open. So I did the only thing there was to do. I had dinner again. Think of it as a second helping. I was getting awfully full. But my cold was feeling a little better. And I still didn't have that cup of sugar for my dear old granny's birthday cake. So I went to the next house. This guy was the First and Second Little Pig's brother. He must have been the brains of the family. He had built his house of bricks. I knocked on the brick house. No answer. I called,  Pig, Pig, are you in?" And do you know what that rude little porker answered? "Get out of here just like the second little pig , Wolf. Don't bother me again."
Talk about impolite! He probably had a whole sackful of sugar. And he wouldn't give me even one little cup for my dear sweet old granny's birthday cake. What a pig!
I was just about to go home and maybe make a nice birthday card instead of a cake, when I felt my cold coming on. I huffed And I snuffed. And I sneezed once again.
Then the Third Little Pig yelled, " And your old granny can sit on a pin!" Now I'm usually a pretty calm fellow. But when somebody talks about my granny like that and the big bad wolf ate the three little pigs but he did not want to give them any sugar so it is their folt.

The end     

Adventure time by Jamie M

Adventure time

Adventure time is a cartoon starring Finn and Jake. Jake is a dog with powers that allow him to stretch his bones and organs so he can go up high or low. Finn on the other hand, is a human and he was raised by dogs.

Adventure time has a lot of characters like Finn, Jake, Marceline, BMO, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King. All of them are main characters but the rest only show up in some videos.
In one of the videos/episodes Finn finds a sword or Jake & Finn will find like a cave and explore it.

The sky are like our world dark rainy sandy sunny but what makes other viewers like is the knife storm. One episode was Finn & Jake having Christmas with all the main characters even the ice king was there and boy was he still evil. Adventure time has been around since 2010 when I was 5 and a half.

There are 9 seasons and I haven't even finished all of them yet. Adventure time has been my most favourite tv shows I have ever watch and I wish I can watch more. Now enjoy the episodes.

The Telepoter by Alex M

here is my narrative: 
Chapter one: the teleporter....

i stepped into the teleporter ZAAAAAAAAAAP!! BOOM! The teleporter spun round and round and round then spluttered and shaked to a stop with a CLANG!… as i stepped out of the huge machine... i  was surprised to hear chatter and then all was quiet… i was shocked to see that where i had landed was i had landed was inside a spaceship going to a distant faraway planet. As soon as i had landed the crew of the ship could only just gape and google and stare…

as soon as they came to their senses the biggest and most muscular which looked quite like the captain said who are you? What are you doing here? And how in the world did you get here?... these might have been a lot of questions to answer but without much of a struggle i told them what happend.

The captain kindly asked me if i would like to join them on their journey yes i said i would love to.

i have always wanted to go space but this, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so like almost anyone else would say yes i said yes. And it turns out that where i was heading was a planet called sea lord and it was completely underwater so we had to wear this special type of swimming suit that will protect us from the strange underwater world below us

half and hour later i could see that this planet really was under water! The captain said that he said that when he saw me at the surface then he will come and pick me up.

get ready to jump he said so 5 minutes later I was standing by a trap-door in the floor about to jump 300 feet downwards then the captain said 3… 2… 1… 0! And then I plunged into the deep blue nothingness… POW I hit the water like a bomb falling out of the sky…

Man the minute i hit the water I was glad to be wearing this suit because right in front of me was a giant sea creature with teeth as big as houses and as sharp as 10 of your sharpest kitchen knives and it was as black as your darkest nightmare… this unnamed creature so big it still noticed me it stopped and then opened it's big black mouth and moved towards me but if it weren't for the captain back in the ship telling me if you are ever in a sticky situation then just press this button so while praying i pressed the button and to my surprise two high speed propellers popped out of the swimsuit and i rocketed off in the opposite direction straight up i went straight towards the faint outline of the ship and luckily, luckily he saw me and hauled me up just in time dripping wet and shivering cold. And what happend to the huge creature? It just carried on doing what is normally doing and i gave it a name the doomfang…


Volleyball by Lucy

Volleyball by Lucy

At volleyball we learnt to serve. We learnt the 2 ways to serve. One is under arm and one is over arm. I think that over arm is is harder because it's hard to make the ball go straight or up instead of going down.
When I first tried to serve under arm the ball just hit the ground but the more I tried it the better I got.

Close to the end we learnt how to dig. Digging is when you put one hand on top of the other and you put your thumbs on top. If you are right handed you would have your right hand on top and if you were left handed you would have your left hand on top.

At the end we played a game of volleyball and my team lost. Next time at volleyball we will learn more about digging and how to shuffle. Volleyball is fun.


Volleyball by Zoe

I have never played volleyball before so I am not perfect but I am learning lots.  I think I did great at the lower arm throw but I still need some work on the overarm throw. I think the over arm throw was the hardest because You have to push with a firm hand .

The volleyball teacher taught us skills. The skills were digging and setting. Setting is when you push the ball ford with two hands like you're throwing the ball. You set the ball when the ball is coming above your head. Digging is when you shape your hands like a triangle with one hand on top of the other and your thumbs are on top.You do digging when the ball is coming below your head.  The skills are hard but I can get better.

I had a lot of fun at volleyball and I next time I am going to improve on the overarm throws and the skills.

My poem by Inayah

My despicable me 3 poem
Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 9.16.32 AM.png

After we came back from the holidays in term 3 we started writing poems. I wrote my poem about watching despicable me 3 in the cinema. It was a really fun movie. I went to watch it my brother and my mother as it was mentioned in the poem. The movie got sad in a few parts. But the movie had a lot of funny parts. It was one of the best movies I have ever watched.

Why Zoo's should not be banned, By Jahvan

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 10.08.49 AM.png

Why Zoos should not be banned

This house believes that Zoos should not be banned. Zoos are a family friendly place, that does not intend to harm or go against any 'Animal laws'. Zoos create happiness to young audiences and do not show any disrespectful actions against any type of beings. Zoo also creates a good bond with humans and Animals.
It's a place crafted on kids happiness and Animals safety. Zoo's - Kind, Caring, Respectful - takes noticeable care for a multitude of animals such as Monkeys, Rhinos, Giraffes, and MORE! Wildlife parks strictly intend to care for animals and to guide future zookeepers for success in caring animals.


Zoos can help/ support people to get into biology - natural science, Study of… Life, structure, and animals - which can help support the world's future. Zoos are quite a famous place for schools to visit, when a school visits a zoo, zookeepers and/or other helpers are able to help guide young students to be able to be intrigued in an encounter with either a 'magical' or 'enchanted' animal, or just puts a slight grin on their faces of course. These wildlife parks are filled with all sorts of writing prompts spreading around each genre (such as... Persuasive - Should zoos be/should not be banned. Descriptive - write a description of a specific animal. Explanation - What is the role of the 'Zookeeper'. Recount - write about their experience. etc). When going to zoo's people may encounter a zookeeper slowly petting an animal, or just cleaning it up, whatever, but the point is people can make easy connections with how zookeepers treat and respect animals with how people SHOULD respect one another, with the ability of that zoos can reflect onto bullies and slowly reach out to them and stop bullying as a full.

Captive breeding programmes

Breeding programmes take focus on exotic species like the 'kiwi' to make sure they can live without extinction or near extinction, after breeding zoo's release the animals into the wild.


Children are our base line so expecting children to be zookeepers is a certain chance. If children at this age do get the chance to become zookeepers in the future this is the process of becoming better will become greater because children can always keep reflecting themselves and comparing themselves to zookeepers, if they do that zookeepers will be a never ending process of becoming better, that means animals get a lot more care each year.

To Conclude, we believe it is totally inessential for zoos to be banned.

Debate By Thomas

Why soccer is better than hockey?

Is soccer better than hockey? In my opinion I think that soccer is better than hockey for lots of reasons. These are the reasons I believe that soccer is better than hockey:👇

My first reason is that soccer is safer because a hockey ball is harder than a soccer ball so you are more likely to get hurt with the hockey ball. In hockey you can get seriously hurt by getting whacked by the hockey stick or the hockey ball. For example if someone did a foul play like swing the stick to high and accidently hit your fingers and break them. Another example when someone can get hurt when they flick the ball high and it hits someone on the head and give them a head injury. If you get really badly injured you can't play any hockey games for a while.

My second reason is the time limit of the games. Soccer is longer than hockey so the team has more time to communicate with each other and discuss strategies of how to get goals. Having more time this allows more time to sub off to have a break from the game and let every other team player to have a turn playing on the field.

My final reason I think is that soccer is more popular and well known around the world than hockey. More people go to the games to watch their favourite teams play against other teams. Also fans come to cheer their favourite teams on and which encourage the soccer teams to play even harder. Also more people like to play soccer than hockey. There is also bigger soccer clubs than hockey around the world especially in England and Brazil

It is clear that soccer is better than hockey I hope you think that to.

Makerspace by Lily D

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 9.15.03 AM.png
Maker space
For the last few weeks, I have been doing maker space with Inayah. We have been making a buzz wire. It is the game where you try to get the wand around a wire that has been oddly shaped, without touching it. If it touches, a buzz atives, until you stop touching it. In week one, we practiced making circuits, and brought what we knew about circuits and electricity. In week two, we tried to make a buzz wire using only some bluetack, a bendable piece of wire, a battery, tape, a small piece of cardboard, a positive wire, a negative wire, and a buzzer. We didn't succeed. In week 3, we had to decide what we were going to do with our piece of wood. We decided to go with an underwater theme, and cut the longer sides to look like waves. In week 4, we found out that underwater was the most popular theme. We didn't change our design as we were the 5th group to use the bandsaw. I got a turn to use it with mr hessian, and it was so much fun! It jammed before Inayah got a turn. In the last block, we used sandpaper to sand our wood. It wasn't fun, but at least we got it done in the end.  

Volleyball Reflection By Brooke

Volleyball reflection - By Brooke    
At volleyball we learnt two different ways to serve. I had fun because i've never done/played volleyball before and I learnt new skills. I'm still learning how to serve but it was still challenging and fun. I think that i'm better at under-arm serving than over-arm serving. Next time I want to learn something else and work on under-arm and over-arm serving. At volleyball there was a big net in the middle and we would get a buddy and then practise serving. We also did a game of  Volleyball where we would get in a team and someone would serve, whenever your team got a point you was rotated and go to another spot. We also learnt digging. Digging is when you put your right or left hand on-top of the other and when you're hitting the ball you bend your legs and then you go up.  I had fun at my first day of volleyball. I want to do my next lesson on thursday very soon.        

Today at volleybal we learnt how to set. When you set you put your hands above your head and quickly catch and through. We got to pair up in a group of three. I went with Lucy and Zoe. One person would stand in front of the other two. Then you would through the ball and the other person would set the ball. We also did a game of volleyball. It was fun! When I was serving, the ball kept on going out into the trees. But it was still fun!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Pacific Dance Winter Holiday program Te Oro 2017 by Angela L

Pacific Dance Winter Holiday program Te Oro 2017
By Angela L

On the 10th of July 2017, my mum booked Selena (my little sister) and me to the Pacific Dance Winter Holiday program at Te Oro. I was really excited but a bit nervous.

My mum drove us to Te Oro and we went inside the door downstairs and met our teacher. Our teacher was a man. First we went around the room and met other kids. We gave them a high five. Then we all sat in a circle and made up a moves to go in our dance. The were daps, claps and other kinds of moves. We used the minion happy song. After we practiced the dance over and over again we had our morning tea. Selena and me had mandarins and some biscuits. The biscuits were very crunchy and delicious! After we finished our morning tea we went on the mat to play a game. We played octopus and stuck in the mud. The tagger was really fast he almost got me. After 3 rounds he tagged me and I was stuck in the mud. Then it was lunch time, we got our food and started eating. When we finished our lunch we did our dance a few more times and played some games like Heads down and Thumbs up. At about 1:00 we went home.

On the second day our teacher wasn't here so another man was our teacher. We made up a new dance and played games. There were more people than yesterday. Some kids were at the same school as me. Sometimes we went upstairs to do our dance. At the end the teacher did a dance. He said that he loved ballet but was bad at it. I know that sounds so weird but I'm not lying.

On Wednesday our teacher was back. Our teacher asked the kids what the other teacher showed us yesterday. Unfortunately we all forgot. The teacher didn't know what music it was as well so we just carried on the dance that we did on Monday. We added in more moves.

Thursday was a bit different because after morning tea we watched a movie about dance of course. There was a boy in the movie who loved dancing and was good at it. On thursday and friday we had a shared lunch. There were sausage rolls, biscuits and pies on the table. It tasted delicious! I loved the meat in the sausage roll because it tasted a bit like the mince in a pie. I also loved the pie. The pies were tiny but yummy. We also went into buddies and made up a handclap. It had to have 8 counts. I was buddies with Selena. After we practiced and made our hand clap we did our handclap in front of the other kids.

On the last day we did a performance to show our parents what we learned. Before we did the performance we played octopus. A boy called Michael was in. When Michael was aiming to tag someone else I sneakily ran to the other side. After a few rounds I was tagged. Then we did our dance two more times. After that the teacher opened the doors and lots of parents came in but I couldn't see me mum. I was very scared because it seemed like there were like about a hundred faces looking at me.

We sat in a triangle and finally we did our dance. The teacher put on the music and we started clapping. We seemed to clap perfectly in time. Then we stopped clapping, we did our dance sitting down. After a while each row began to jump up and do the dance standing up. Then a group of kids built a sky tower, a girl called Lydia was at the top. The sky tower looked like a real one to me, it was so tall. Then Selena, me and some other kids built another sky tower but it was a different. I was in the middle. Selena and some other kids were holding their hands up making some flashing lights. The other group made a car with their bodies and made it move! It was so cool! Then we clapped our hands and went in our triangle again we were standing up. We did criss crosses with out feet and did other moves.  After that people pointed at a group of two, they went up and did their handclap. Finally we finished our dance. When the music finished we had to freeze and do a pose. It was a lovely performance. Then I saw my mum come. Luckily a woman asked if we could do the dance again. Our teacher said yes. We did our dance again and my mum videoed Selena and me. We were very lucky because if the women didn't ask if we could do it again my mum couldn't of saw the dance. After that  our teacher handed us our certificates.

When our teacher finished giving out the certificates the teacher said that the was a shared lunch. This time there were lots of food. There were pizzas, chips, sausage rolls, cupcakes and lots of other food. We washed our hands lined up to get our food. We could choose what we wanted to have. I had 2 cupcakes, 1 pizza and some chips. It was so yummy. My mum ate some food as well. When we finished our food we had a photo. There were lots of adults. I was at the back of the photo because there were kids that were higher than me and they stood in front of me. Then it was time to go home. Screenshot 2017-07-22 at 8.46.40 PM.png

I had a great time at the dance class! I hope I can go again very soon!